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Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Top 5 Incredible Pools

1. San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

The largest swimming pool in the world is called San Alfonso del Mar and is located in Chile. It is also considered to be the largest artificial lagoon according to Guinness World Records.

2. Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget mega-casino spent $20 million to create an unforgettable oceanic experience for its hotel and casino guests. The casino has a huge 200,000 gallon shark tank that is entirely surrounded by an impressive swimming pool and cabanas.

3. Playboy Bunny, Las Vegas

The swimming pool located in the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, exceeds all expectations. And of course, no Playboy pool can be complete without its well-known Playboy Bunny wearing a bowtie!

4. Begawan Giri, Bali, Indonesia

Begawan Giri pool that seems to fade into the tropical forest treetops of Bali, Indonesia offers its visitors to experience oneness with nature.

5. Hotel de Rome, Berlin

This slice of elegance found in Hotel de Rome, Berlin is probably the safest swimming pool in the world. Both the pool and spa are located in former bank vault. The building in which the hotel resides was once the Deutsche Transfer Bank.


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